ESD: Environmental Sustainable Development

With advancing technology comes the responsibility of using environmentally sustainable solutions. Here at Studio 35 Architecture we seek to think innovatively about sustainability and what can work practically within each specific project. Every project has its own unique opportunities and issues which we strive to overcome, by implementing reliable ecological solutions, and as a result, benefitting the client and the ‘eco footprint’ of each building.

During the design phase, we pay particular attention to a building’s orientation. This is crucial to improving the passive environment within it. Light and ventilation sources utilised to their full potential, contribute to each buildings efficiency while being economical for the client and reducing their carbon footprint.

We review and consider opportunities to capture, store and utilise ‘natural energy’. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Water retention and re-use
  • Solar orientation and daylight opportunities
  • Crossflow ventilation
  • PVC storage
  • Landscape innovation
  • Recycled materials
  • Low emission materials
  • Insulation

As technology related to ESD evolves, we continue to as well. Our team at Studio 35 Architecture are excited to implement futuristic findings and ideas into our projects, to benefit our clients, improve our buildings and the environment.